Friday, August 01, 2008

Alexandre Dumas in Georgia

I have recently received my second cover from Georgia. It was sent, once again, by Kathuna. Thank you very much for this very nice letter, Kathuna.To frank the cover she looked for something related to France. She found a very interesting souvenir sheet. Here is the cover.

The souvenir sheet was issued on the 23rd of September 2002 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Alexandre Dumas.
Alexandre Dumas (In France we call him “Alexandre Dumas, père” (père = father) to differentiate him from his son, Alexandre Dumas, fils (fils = son)) was a French writer (1802-1870). He is very well known for his numerous historical novels such as : The Count of Monte Cristo, The three musketeers, Twenty years after, The Vicomte de Bragelonne. Several of his novels have been adapted for the cinema. The 200th anniversary of his birth has been the subject of stamps from other countries : France (of course), but also Monaco and Romania.

There is one sentence written on the left border of the souvenir sheet that explains why Alexandre Dumas would appear on a stamp from Georgia : the sentence says “A.Dumas - Voyages dans la Georgie” (A.Dumas : travels to Georgia; to be completely correct the sentence should in fact say “Voyages en Georgie”.)
Effectively, in 1858 A.Dumas has visited Russia and the Caucasus. Once back in France he has written about this trip in a book called “Voyage au Caucase” (Travel to Caucasus, sometimes called simply “The Caucasus”) published in 1859.
I have read parts of this book and particularly the part where he describes his travel to Georgia ! There is a section where he speaks about a dinner he had in Tiflis, a typical Georgian dinner according to him, with salads (herbs and roots) but also a huge quantity of wine ! He explains that, in order not to shock his hosts, he had to drink a big quantity of Georgian wine (several bottles !), wine from Kakheti, even though he usually only drinks water ! It reminded me about the
first post I wrote about Georgia on this blog. May be I should try Georgian wine ;-)

One word about the two other stamps of teh cover : the one in the middle was issued on the 29th of December 2005, for the 2006 Soccer World Cup that was help in Germany (not a very good souvenir from French people ;-). The other stamp was issued on 20th of June 2003 and is a stamp for the youth.


Eric from Jura said...

Hi Eric :-)
Khatuna also sent me severla days ago a nice cover with the same M/S.
Did you see that the Dumas's death year on the stamp was wrong (1876 instead of 1870) ? strange, no ?
And you're right, the sentence "Voyages dans la Georgie" is very special in French !!
So a very interesting sheet in fact !

Sandro said...

Yeah, you should taste Georgian wine, it turns out to that a Georgia has the best wines.