Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Souvenirs from Le Salon du Timbre 2008

I have written already about my visit to the stamp fair held in Paris in June. During this visit, I took the opportunity of the presence of foreign postal administrations to send some mails to myself, so that it get cancelled in the associated country. Last weekend, I have received part of the covers I have posted to myself and I wanted to share them with you.
The first one if from Slovakia. I have already shown
some stamps that I bought on the Slovakian post booth but here is the cover I sent, using a single stamp of 23 Sk, the standard rate for a letter from Slovakia to France.

The stamp I used on the cover is a definitive stamp issued on the 29th of April 2005 commemorating the 200th anniversary of the peace of Pressbug. The Peace of Pressburg (the former name of Bratislava) was signed on December 26, 1805 between France and Austria as a consequence of the Austrian defeats by France at Ulm (September 25 – October 20) and Austerlitz (December 2). This peace treaty is also known that the Fourth Peace of Pressburg. The treaty marked the effective end of the Holy Roman Empire. The last Holy Roman Emperor, Francis II became instead, Francis I Emperor of Austria and a new entity, the Confederation of the Rhine, was later created by Napoleon.
The stamp pictures the façade of the Primate’s Palace where the treaty was signed by Johann I Josef, Prince of Liechtenstein, Ignácz Gyulay and Charles Maurice de Talleyrand. The stamp also pictures a small portrait of Napoleon. The Primate's Palace is a neo-Classical palace in Bratislava's Old Town. It was built from 1778 to 1781 for Archbishop József Batthyány.
The stamp is cancelled with the postmark of Bratislava, and you can see also the commemorative cancel designed by Slovakian post for the stamp fair in Paris, in the opposite corner. This cancel pictures the “Arc de Triomphe” one of the very famous monument of Paris located on the top of the avenue of Champs Elysées.

The second booth I visited and from which I sent a cover to myself is the one of the Italian post. For this one I chose the
wooden stamp that I have already presented on my blog.

The nice postmark is the one from the philatelic bureau of Rome.

Finally I also visited the booth of the “Poste interarmées” (the military post) from where you could ask to receive a postcard that was cancelled in Lebanon with a slogan cancel. This cancel celebrates 30 years of presence of French army in Lebanon to preserve peace.

I’m not so much into military things and military philately is not really my cup of tea, but I thought it was a good opportunity. This sort of slogan cancels are becoming more and more scarce in France, since French post has decided to replace them by standard cancel, without text.

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