Thursday, July 10, 2008

Souvenir sheet on a cover from Spain

I recently had a very interesting discussion with a charming lady who belongs to a philatelic association to which I also belong. She explained me how much she dislikes souvenir sheets. She agreed that they often provide a very nice design but, as she told me, they are not real postal items because you never see them on a cover. This is true that French post issues huge souvenir sheet that you can hardly use on a cover, and they are very often hard to tear to get out the stamps without damaging them. Some foreign postal administrations issue souvenir sheets that contain only one stamp, and therefore that have a reasonable size. Reasonable enough to be used on a cover. This is the case for Spain. Here is an example of a cover I got recently.

The single stamp is a part of the definitive series picturing King Juan Carlos. This specific stamp was issued on the 2nd of January 2004 if I’m not wrong (surprisingly Spain has re-issued a 0.02 € stamp in January 2008 bearing the same design but with the denomination in yellow/gold instead of grey and the crown on the left top corner instead of the right top corner… I wonder why these changes ?).
The most interesting is of course the souvenir sheet. It was issued on the 23rd of April 2008. This is the 2008 Europa issue of Spain. I remind you that the subject of 2008 Europa issues are “writing letters”. So the Spanish postal administration has issued this rather nice artistic composition around letters, and more precisely around love letters !
Nice isn’t it ?

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MBstamps said...

I think Souvenir Sheet are mainly released merely for collection, hence its beauty is mostly considered than it's size, So rarely they are used on covers. In case of Min.sheets there are the same stamps seperately which can be used on covers.