Monday, July 07, 2008

My own stamps

Like a lot of postal administrations, the French post proposes, since several years, the possibility to personalize stamps. Up to now it was only possible to personalize a label attached to a normal stamp (see here an example I presented with my own portrait ;-) ).
Since now several months, we also have the possibility to personalize the stamp itself. This is a service which is called “Mon timbre à moi”, that I would translate as “My own stamp”, and which is available through this
Just for the fun I decided to try this service, and I would like to share with you the result. I did not dare using my own picture to be printed on a stamp so I decided to use a picture of one of my favourite subjects : a frog.
Once you have chosen your picture (you can choose a picture in a gallery or upload your own picture from your PC), you choose the format of the stamp (landscape or portrait). Then you can adjust the picture so that it fits what you want. Then you can select the rate of the stamp you want to create : I chose a rate for a standard letter of less than 20g for France (which corresponds to 0.55 Euro). I chose to have a sheet of 30 stamps (you can choose a sheet of 10 stamps). The more sheets you buy, the cheaper it is…Here is the result.

And a close up of the stamp.

The final result looks better in reality than on this scan. The stamps are self adhesive, of course. I could have added some text on the picture if I wanted.

Rather funny, but rather expensive. For a sheet of 30 stamps, it costs 30 euros, meaning 1 Euro per stamp with an equivalent face value of 0.55 Euro ! The personalization has a price !

I will add this sheet of stamps to my frog stamps collection, just for the fun. This possibility of personalizing stamps raises some questions : are they collectible items ? In which way should they be collected, since everybody could issue their own copy ?
Of course there are some controls on the picture you use to create the stamp. But I guess that in France there will be some errors, like in other countries.

To finish, just an anecdote about those types of stamps. Last time I went to a philatelic bureau, a customer (a young lady who was going to get married soon) was explaining to the clerk that the French post had refused to print the stamps they had designed because the picture included a glass of wine ! In France you can not “publish” any representation of alcohol without adding the notice : to be consumed with moderation ! The worse is that, in reality, the glass on the picture was full of Apple juice and not wine (at least this is what she said ;-) ).


chickenstampy6669 said...

Great stamps, personal frog's. If you have one I like to trade it for one of my chicken- personal- stamps.


JNC said...

Malta issues personalized stamps as well, however these are attached with normal definitive stamps, according to the denomination you would like to have, ending up with setenant stamps. I made some personalized one when I graduated, as a souvenir of my graduation, and they are quite cheap too.

Nice personal frogs by the way xD