Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Frogs on two new souvenir sheets

I haven’t much time to write today. Just the time to tell you about two souvenir sheets recently issued that will fall into my frog stamps collection.The first one comes from Brazil. It was issued on the 15th of May 2008 and illustrates the biodiversity of the “Serra do Japi”.

The “Serra do Japi” is one of the last remaining Atlantic rainforests of the State of Sao Paulo. It occupies an area of 350 km2, most in the municipalities of Jundiaí and Cabreúva. Located in a densely populated region, between Sao Paulo and Campinas, the “Serra do Japi” suffered from deforestation, urban pressure, mining, fires, among others.
Today, in large part, it is preserved through the process of regeneration of its forests. One of the most important characteristics of the areas is the great diversity of life forms. The Serra do Japi contains a very diverse fauna, with more than 650 species of butterflies identified and hundreds of other species of insects, arachnids, amphibians and reptiles.
The sheet illustrates part of the fauna that can be found in the forest. The two stamps pictures (from left to right) :
- a bird called “Tangara cayana cayanaa”
- a butterfly called “Consul fabius drurii”

Around the two stamps the block pictures others animals among which there is a frog: Phyllomedusa burmeisteri, the Burmeister’s leaf frog that is native to Brazil and which is endangered because it produces a secretion that have medical use

The margin of the souvenir sheet also pictures the logo of the International Year of Planet Earth, set up by UNESCO.

The second souvenir sheets has been issued by Czech Republic on the 28th of May 2008.

It looks very similar to another souvenir sheet issued last year. This one is dedicated to Trebonsko, an area of ponds and pools that is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. I could not find much information about this reserve. Obviously it contains a very rich fauna and flora. If you did not see it, there is a frog on the label in the middle of the sheet. The frog is not actually on a stamp but on a label without denomination. I could not identify the species of the frog (I don’t have this souvenir sheet yet, it is a picture taken from the web which is too small for me to read the scientific name of the frog).

My frog stamps collection is going to grow soon ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

What a coincidence!!....I have posted a mint and a cancelled souvenir sheets issued by Czech Republic today to you!! and also some frog stamps from DPR Korea.

Hope you like them.