Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First cover from Cuba

The long weekend is over… I had a very nice time in Reims.

I haven’t much time in front of me but I’m happy to share with you my first cover from Cuba ! Nothing really exceptional, as you will see, but this is the first time I get mail from this country.

The cover is franked with a block of six similar stamps. This stamp has been issued on the 14th of December 1981 in a set of six stamps about Fauna. From the design I have the feeling that this set was a set of definitive stamps but I’m not completely sure of that. I could not find a decent scan of the full set so I can not share it with you.
The stamp used on the cover pictures a manatee. This big animal is sometimes called a sea cow. In average its weigh is around 500 kg and its length is around 3 m ! A baby weighs 30kg at its birth ! The manatee is an herbivore. It differs from the dugong : the dugong has a forked tail whereas the manatee has a paddle-shaped tail. The manatee is sometimes considered as the origin of the legendary mermaids !
The same design has been re-used for a set of stamps issued in March 2005 : in this set the 15c stamp pictures the same manatee but using a brown colour instead of the purple one.

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Eric said...

Here are some info I got from Blair who lives in Canada :

I am a 61 year old stamp collector from Ottawa, Canada.
(collecting for over 50 years)

I was just looking at your interesting stamp blog,
in particular the Cuba cover with the manatee block.

This stamp is a definitive stamp.
The series was issued in two parts.

Part I - 14 Dec 1981 - Fauna Scott # 2457 - 2462

1c hummingbird ,
2c parakeet,
5c hutia,
20c almique,
35c manatee,
40c crocodile

Part II - 26 Feb 1982- Exports Scott # 2484 - 2493
3c sugar (processing plant)
4c lobster (boat)
8c canned fruit
7c agricultural machinery
8c nickel (jet, car)
9c rum
10c coffee
20c fresh fruit
50c tobacco
1 peso cement

Scott lists no values for this set.