Friday, June 27, 2008


I remember that once, when I was a kid, I spent the whole summer holidays with my cousins, building a puppets theatre, making our own puppets with sticks and old clothes and writing our own play (the story of a king who discovers that his wife, the queen, has a love affair with a knight in charge of protecting the castle…). We gave a performance in front of the other kids of the village. We had a great fun. I’m not sure that kids of today still have so much fun with puppets. I guess they prefer video games. What is the link with philately ? Well, this is the subject of the stamps on the cover I have selected for today.
Here it is.

This is a cover coming from Japan bearing four stamps that have been issued on the 27th of July 1988. This set celebrates the 15th World Puppetry Festival that was held in Japan between the 27th of July and the 11Th of August 1988.
Each stamp pictures a different type of puppet, coming from different countries. From left to right :
- A string puppet used in the animated movie “Spring and fall in the Meiji era” by Kinosuke Takeda. Kinosuke Takeda (1923-1979) was a Japanese specialist of animated movies.
- A stick puppet coming from Brno in Czech republic and belonging to the National Radost Puppet Theater
- A shadow puppet coming from China
- And finally a knight, a marionette coming from Sicily

A nice and simple cover, isn’t it ?

Once again, as on all covers I got from Japan (without speaking about FDC) I’m impressed by the clean postmark. Very neat, well positioned compared to the stamp. An example that a lot of other postal administrations should follow !

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