Thursday, June 12, 2008

A new cover from Guatemala

Last year I presented a cover coming from Guatemala. It was an FDC bearing stamps that were part of a joint issue with Brazil. For today I have selected a very similar cover from Guatemala that I received few days ago. Here it is.

Once again I had some difficulties to gather some information about the stamps. The two stamps of the cover have been issued on the 7th of September 2007. This issue is a joint issue with Uruguay to celebrate 100 years of diplomatic relations between both countries. The stamps issued by Uruguay for this occasion have exactly the same design. Thanks to this, and to the fact that the website from Uruguayan post gives more information than the one from Guatemala, I could identify what is pictured on the stamp.
The stamp on the left side pictures the Santa Catalina Arch, located in Antigua Guatemala. Antigua Guatemala is a city located in the central highlands of Guatemala, which is famous for its well preserved baroque architecture as well as a number of spectacular ruined churches. It has been designated as a UNESCO World heritage site. The Santa Catalina arch can be found in Parque Central (Central park), a park located in the heart of the city. I could not find much information about this arch and when it was constructed…
The second stamp pictures the city gate of Colonia Del Sacramento, a city located in south western Uruguay. It is the oldest city of Uruguay. It is renowned for its historic quarter, which has also been selected as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Again, as for the cover of last year, what is surprising is that the stamps have been cancelled in 2007 with a first day cancel, and the cover has been mailed in 2008, as you can see on the second cancel. This is something that is not possible in France. A FDC must be sent the day it is cancelled, during the first day ceremony. After that, a FDC can not anymore travel through the postal service…

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MBstamps said...

Yes, it is an interesting fact, that an old FDC has been used to mail. It is not possible in India too. I think that a FDC can be posted only on the day which it is cancelled. I wonder if it is allowed in Guatemala or just a mistake on the part of the employee who cancelled the FDC for the second time.