Thursday, June 19, 2008

June and July issues (part 2)

Let’s speak today about the stamps to be issued in July.

The first issue is a souvenir sheet to celebrate the important European projects.

Date of issue : 1st of July 2008

The four stamps of the sheet picture various projects realized in the scope of the European community :
- the introduction of Euro
- the Galileo project : European system to provide positioning via satellites
- the ERASMUS project whil gives to students the opportunity to study in foreign countries
- the last stamp celebrate the fact that on the 1st of July , France will be at the head of Europe : during he next six months, the French president will be president of the European community.

The second issue is a new definitive stamp. As you may know, the French definitive stamps are illustrate with Marianne who symbolizes the republic. Our president has decided that we needed to have a new definitive stamp design, even if the last one is not so old… The new design, chosen by himself, pictures a Marianne who suggests Europe, thanks to the stars that are a symbol that is found on the European flag. Here is one of the stamps issued, knowing that thirteen different values (and therefore colours) are issued at the same time.

Date of issue : 1st of July 2008

Together with this new definitive issue, two booklet are issued mixing the new Marianne design and other stamps picturing the important values of Europe : peace (with the white dove), environment (with the tree), democracy (with the vote).
The stamps picturing Marianne have no face value : the red ones are for the internal mail and the blue one for mails towards other European countries.

Date of issue : 1st of July 2008

To be noted that, specially for the stamp fair, a version of the Marianne stamp in silver is also issued. This is the second time that French post issues such silver stamp.

Date of issue : 1st of July 2008

Personally I don’t really like the design of this new Marianne. I prefer the one that we currently have. And I’m not sure that this was the most important priority to change the definitive stamp. But I’m not going to open the debate here.

The next stamp is dedicated to a Parisian monument : Le Grand Palais.

Date of issue 7th of July 2008

I have already written about this monument in an old article. The label attached to the stamp mentions the reason of this issue : this is the 81st congress of the French Federation of philatelic associations. (FFAP)

The next issue is a stamp celebrating the inauguration of the memorial of the General De Gaulle.

Date of issue : 15th of July 2008

This memorial has been inaugurated yesterday, the 18th if June, in Colmbey-les-deux-églises, the town where General De Gaulle is buried. I don’t think I need to tell you who he is… This memorial is a museum that show a permanent display around his life and his accomplishments.

Next stamp issue is a part of the artistic series.

Date of issue : 21st of July 2008

This stamp pictures a painting from Gerard Garouste. The stamp has been designed by the painter himself ! This painting dates back to 1989.

The last issue is an impressive souvenir sheet commemorating the summer Olympic Games in Beijing.
Date of issue : 28th of July 2008

The block contains ten stamps, but only four different designs. Two sports are pictured on each stamps : tennis and walk, cycling and hors riding, judo and fencing, swimming and rowing.
The top border of the sheet is cut in a way to look like a Chinese traditional house.

This closes the stamps to be issued in July ! As you see, an impressive number of stamps issued in just two months !

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