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June and July issues (part 1)

To continue my series about new stamp issued by French post, I would like to present you the stamps issued or to be issued in June and July. There is a particularity for the stamps. At the moment I am writing these lines, there is a big stamp fair on going in Paris. It started on the 14th of June and will run until the 22nd. If you speak French you can get information about this stamp fair on the following website.

This stamp fair is the occasion to have “anticipated” first day ceremonies of a bunch of stamps that will be actually available anywhere else in June and July. This first post focuses on the issues from June, the next one will address the one from July.
Let start by the very nice souvenir sheet issued to celebrate the stamp fair itself.
Date of issue : 14th of June 2008

This souvenir sheet re-uses four stamps issued in the series “Jardins de France” (Gardens of France). Two were issued in 2007 and picture a park called “Parc de la tête d’or” (garden of the golden head) located in Lyon. The two other stamps picture parks located in Marseille : “Parc Longchamp” and “Parc Borély” and were issued in 2008. This souvenir sheet uses the same principle than the ones issued for the previous editions of the same stamp fair in 2006 and 2004.

To be noted that the golden part of the sheet can be printed in front of your eyes during the duration of the stamp fair !
I think that this is very nice souvenir sheet. I have already used the 2004 and 2006 sheets as a gift for my philatelic friends all over the world. I guess I will do the same for the 2008 version.

The next issue is a joint issue between France and Brazil.

Date of issue : 23rd of June 2008

The left stamp pictures a glacier located in France and called : la mer de glace (the iced sea). The right stamp pictures the Amazonian rainforest. Both places are highly endangered because the activity of human beings on Earth : the glacier is melting as many other glacers in the world and the surface forest is reducing because of the high number of tress that are cut.
I did not find information about the Brazilian part of this joint issue : I do not know if the stamps from Brazil will be issued at the same date and with the same design.

The next souvenir sheet is dedicated to the circus through the ages.

Date of issue : 23rd of June 2008

The souvenir sheet pictures actors of the circus at different period in time : the trapeze artist, the juggler, the tamer, the circus rider and of course the clowns. The stamps are also sold as single stamps, separately from the souvenir sheet. The particularity of the souvenir sheet is that it bears a surtax for the Red Cross : as a consequence the souvenir sheet costs 1.80 Euro more than the total of the face value of the stamps.

The next souvenir sheet is dedicated to famous ships.

Date of issue : 23rd of June 2008

Six ancient and famous ships are pictured on this nice souvenir sheet (clockwise)
- la Grande Hermione
- la Boudeuse
- la Boussole
- l’Hermione
- l’Astrolabe
- la Confiance

I like the design of this sheet which looks like and old maritime map.

And the last one (for today !) is a booklet of ten stamps dedicated to sustainable development.

Date of issue : 30th of June 2008

Each stamp of the booklet bears a simple message explaining what should be done to help sustainable development. From left to right and top to bottom the messages are :
- Trees should be protected : the stamp invites you to save paper in order to save trees.
- Transport of the future : the stamp invites you to use bicycle instead of polluting transport means.
- Sites to be preserved : the stamps shows a map of the world
- Good to be recycled: the stamp shows a broken computer
- Unknown in winter : the stamp invites you to eat fruits of the season only (can you imagine that at the market of my home town you can find strawberries all over the year ! whereas the season is France is only around May !).
- This is a radiator : the stamp shows the sun
- To be used in good proportion : the stamp invites you to use detergent in good proportion to avoid pollution of rivers
- This is a fertilizer : the stamp shows an eaten apple, inviting you to use natural fertilizer instead of chemical ones
- Can be recycled into a sweater : the stamp shows plastic water bottles that can be recycled in a lot of ways
- This is a treasure : and the stamps shows water drops

Personally I don’t really fancy these stamps, but at least they carry useful messages.

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