Tuesday, June 03, 2008

First cover from Georgia

Yes ! The list of countries from which I have received a letter has a new entry : Georgia. Thank you very much Kathuna ! Here is the cover franked with an impressive number of stamps.
The eight stamps on the top and bottom of the cover have been issued on the 20th of December 2005. The subject of this set is : Theatres of Georgia. Each stamp pictures the façade of a different theatre (from left to right, and top to bottom) :

- Tbilisi - Georgian drama theatre
- Tbilisi - Georgian Academic theatre
- Batumi - Georgian drama theatre
- Tbilisi - Armenian drama theatre
- Tbilisi - Georgian Opera and Ballet theatre
- Tskhinvali- Abkhazian drama theatre
- Kutaisi - Georgian drama theatre
- Sukhumi - Osetian drama theatre

The eight stamps of this set have also been issued in the form of eight souvenir sheets, each of them containing ten times the same stamp.
Unfortunately some of these stamps were not correctly stuck on the cover and got slightly damaged during the transport. I did my best to fix it.

Two other stamps are used on the cover. The first one is a part of a set of four stamps issued on the 11th of July 2007 and picturing ancient ships. Here is a picture of the full set.
I was not able to find any information about the ships that are pictured on this set. I’m very sorry for this. If you have any information I would be very happy to hear from you !

The last stamp on the cover was issued on the 30th of January 2006. It is a part of a set of four stamps issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Europa stamps. The first stamps issued in the Europa series have been issued in 1956 !
Here is a picture of the full set.

From lowest to highest face value, the stamps picture the following :
- 10 T Various Images of Georgian Europa stamps
- 20 T A hand sending postcard in post-box
- 30 T (the one on the cover) Image of the first Europa stamps, issued in 1956
- 40 T Globe breaking newspapers

Surprisingly these stamps have also been issued imperforated ! This is this version that you can see on the cover. I do not know if the imperforated version is more scarce than the perforated ones ?

Just to be complete, the stamps of this set have also been issued in the form of four souvenir sheets containing, each of them, one of the stamps. Here is, for instance, the souvenir sheet issued with the stamp that has been used on the cover.

A very interesting set of stamps for the specialist of the Europa series !

Thank you again for this very nice cover that I’m very glad to add to my collection !

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, nor Abkhazia, neither S-Ossetia are formally under the de facto control of the central Georgian government, and are known to be so-called breakaway regions, frozen conflictzones within Georgia. Anyway, at least on this set they have formally been reintegrated;) And both used to issue their own stamps (not to be confused with the notorious Clinton+Lewinsky and alike cinderella issue), valid for local postage. Neofila.com lists some of them. Mel