Monday, June 16, 2008

Anniversary stamps from Netherlands

I know, I know. This may sound a but provocative to show a cover from Netherlands… If you follow the European Soccer Championship that is on going in Swiss and Austria, you surely know that France has lost against Netherlands (4-1), reducing highly our chances to go further in the competition. Last chance is to beat Italy tomorrow and to pray that Romania will not beat Netherlands ! But as I’m not vindictive ;-) I selected this colourful cover sent by Piet from Netherlands. Thank you Piet !

The stamp located on the right top corner has been issued on the 20th of May 2008 and is the 2008 Europa issue from Nethelands. As I you all know now, the subject of the Europa issue this year is “letter writing”. A rather simple design, no ?
The stamp loacted to the left is part of a souvenir sheet. The souvenir sheet contains 10 stamps (five pairs of stamps) and five labels. I could not find a decent picture of the souvenir sheet, so I can not show it to you, but it is really colourful. The souvenir sheet commemorates five anniversaries in one shot ! It was also issued on the 20th of May. Each stamp celebrates the anniversary of a different organisation.
Let me show you the five stamps of the set.The first one celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Academy of Science : KNAW. The design of the stamp suggests the magic of science.

The second one celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Nederlansche Bank which is a part of the European System of central Bank and of the Eurosystem. The design of the stamp re-uses the design of a coin of 1 Euro.

The third stamp celebrates the 25th anniversary of the AEX-index, and index of the 25 most traded funds of Amsterdam stock exchange.

The fourth stamp commemorates the 140th anniversary of the company Bruna. If I understood well this is a company that edits illustrated books for children and that takes its names from his founder Dick Bruna.
The last stamp, which is the one on the cover, commemorates the 125th anniversary of the ANWB, the Royal Dutch Touring Club.

The label attached to the stamp contains a text in Dutch that can be translated in this way :

“Traditionally a versatile Association for holidays, leisure and mobility, with four million active members. Have you ever driven on the wrong side?”

Piet has used the top of the sheet to decorate the cover. The small plane draws a sign printed “Jubileumpostzegels 2008” which is the name of the set and which means “Anniversary stamps 2008”.
Finaly the franking of the cover is completed with a 2 eurocents definitive stamp. Two different cancels can be seen on the cover. A large circle one, which is a manual cancel I guess, on the definitive stamp. And a mechanical one of the two stamps on the top of the cover

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