Friday, May 16, 2008

The new seven world wonders : the story goes on

Last year, I have written about the vote that took place to choose the new seven world wonders. Click here, here and here to read my previous articles. Gibraltar postal administration is going to issue soon a set of seven stamps, picturing the winners of the vote, which are, just to remind you :
- The Christ redeemer in Brazil
- The coliseum in Rome, Italy
- Petra in Jordan
- The great wall in China
- The Machu Pichu in Peru
- Chichén Itza in Mexico
- The Taj Mahal in India
Here is a preview of the stamps that are going to be issued by Gibraltar post. I do not know the exact date of issue.

I must admit that I like the one with the Taj Mahal, which is definitely my favourite in this list of famous places.


msyanwu said...

I love the set too. I believe it was issued in April.

Jeevan Jyoti said...

Thanks for choosing Taj as ur favourite place. I am proud to read it. As Taj Mahal is pride of India.

Jeevan Jyoti
Shimla, India

nnnnnn said...

Eric, Hi..Nice stamps I agree

Also.. I have some North Korea Frog stamps ..bought for you.. send me your mailing address and I'll mail to you

my gift..