Monday, May 26, 2008

More butterflies from Sweden

I have already mentioned here and here a new series of stamps initiated by Swedish post and picturing butterflies. The particularity of these stamps is that they picture the butterflies in an unusual way : they picture close up of the butterflies wings. On the 15th of May, the Swedish post has issued two new stamps in this series.

Here is the first one.

It pictures a close up of the wing of a Dark green fritillary a butterfly belong to the Nymphalidae family. The scientific name of this butterfly (Argynnis aglaja) is coming from Aglaia, one of the three graces who, in Roman religion, were goddesses who personified beauty and elegance !

The second stamp pictures an Apollo (Parnassius apollo) a butterfly of the Papilionidae family. It is found on mountains in Europe usually above 1000m up to 2000m. The Apollo population Sweden has decreased drastically during the 1950's. The reason for this is not known, but it is commonly thought to be because of a disease which could be linked to acid rain. The Apollo is also known as the “great eye”.

One point to be noted on the stamps of this series is the security aspect. Two particular point have been developed to enhance the security related to these stamps. First there is some gold paint over the denomination. Second, micro printing is used in the design of the stamps. If you look at the stamps with a magnifier you will see that the scientific and common names of the each butterfly is micro printed in one of the nervure of the wing. You can not see it without a magnifier.
Micro printing seems to be used more and more as a security measure in stamp design.

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