Saturday, May 24, 2008

May stamp issues from French post

Last week, I have received two mails of readers of my blog asking me if I could more regularly, speak about the stamps issued by French post. I’ll try to present, on a monthly basis, the stamps issued by my country. Let’s start by the May issues.

First of all, the stamps that have already been issued. On the 5th of May, La Poste has issued the EUROPA stamp. I have already written about my deception about the lack of originality that postal administrations have shown to illustrate the subject of this year (Letters writing). French post made no exception. Here is the stamp.

For the people who do not speak French the text written on the stamp (Le plaisir de vous écrire) means : the pleasure to write. Once again I’m surprised that for the EUROPA issue, French post has chosen a face value that corresponds to the rate of a standard letter to France (0.55 Euro) and not to the other European countries (0.65 Euro).

On the 19th of May, La Poste has issued a more interesting stamp. This is a joint issue with Canada post to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Quebec. Here is the stamp issued by France.

And the stamp issued by Canada.

The stamp depicts Samuel de Champlain (who founded the city of Quebec) on his ship greeting natives approaching in a canoe, while construction of the new settlement is on going in the background. This stamp is the fifth and last in the series dedicated to French settlement in North America that began with the 2004 St. Croix Island stamp.

Now, some information about the stamps to come.

On the 29th of May, a souvenir sheet of five stamps will be issued picturing “Oui-oui”. This is a “Happy birthday” stamp.
Oui-oui is the French name of Noddy, a character created by the British children’s author Enid Blyton in 1943 and who has appeared since then in various TV animated series. Noddy is a little wooden boy who lives in his own little house in Toyland. Noddy was carved by a woodsman but ran away after the man began to make a wooden lion, which Noddy was scared of. He then meets Big Ears, a friendly gnome. Big Ears decides that Noddy is a toy and takes him to live in Toyland. He provides Noddy with a set of clothing and buys a build-it-yourself house for him. This is the beginning of a lot of adventures that have filled the childhood of a lot of kids (including myself !).
French post issues annually such “Happy birthday” stamp picturing a character taken from literature for children. I’m not so sure that there is really a need to issue such stamp every year.

On the same day, La Poste will issue one booklet of ten auto-adhesive stamps. Last year, the subject of this “Holiday” booklet (“Vacances” means Holidays) was the colour BLUE this year the subject is the GREEN.

Still on the same day, La Poste will issue two other booklets of ten stamps. Again these are message stamps, but this time these are stamps to announce the birth of a boy (C’est un garcon) or a girl (C’est une fille).

The particularity of those stamps is that they contain a grey zone that needs to be scratched to discover if this is a girl of a boy !

The issue of such message stamps creates a real debate in France. Their design is very often criticized and their postal need is sometimes questioned. I must admit that I agree that there is no real need to have, every year, such stamps. But I must admit that this year I rather like the design of those stamps. The “scratch” thing is may be a gadget, nevertheless…

To finish, here is a stamp that will be issued on the 31st of May. It pictures the belfry of Evreux.

Evreux is a French town located in Normandy in the north west part of France. The belfry was constructed between 1490 and 1497. It had two different usages : it was first used to ensure the defence of the city but it was also used to give the time, thanks to a clock. This clock that has been renovated in the 19th century is named “La Louyse”. To be noted that the style of this nice belfry is rather unusual for this area of France.

So here are the may stamp issues of France. If you are interested to get some of them, don’t hesitate to contact. We’ll see together how I can help you.


Anonymous said...

C'est une tres bon idee de presenter les timbres francais comme vous etes francais!

For me the design of french stamps is the most classicial conception in europeen stamps.(par rapport aux timbres finlandais et hollandais etc)

But really France has [cartor security printing house] which has printed many foreign stamps.For exemple finland stamps.They are quite nice and with a very good conception.

phil@poste should do better.the 2008 french europa stamp is "plustot classique"

Mais the way of printing is quite new.You can see [le plaisir de vous ecrire].I just wonder in which way phil@poste print these words???

By the way,about the postage price 0.55,I think [la poste] really has many humanity spirit for this stamp.
Normally those who wrote letter is between family member,lovers,stamps collectors,friends etc.
But they add one new element--that is for the prisoner.[La poste] pense ces gens-la.C'est vraiment avec humanite.

Il y a longtemps j'ai lu [le comte de monte-christo] - Un romain extraodinaire..

A la fin,Edmond Dantes donne ses argents non seuelement pour les gens pauvres,mais aussi il donne les nourritures,les vetements chauds pour les prisoniers.(Lui,il etait prisonier)
C'est vraiment humanite.

Bonne Continuation


Jeevan Jyoti said...

Hi Eric

I am a regular visitor of ur Blog. I am very pleased to see details about new issues of France. Please continue to give details about new French issues .I love to read about it.

Jeevan Jyoti

Shimla, India