Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First cover from Qatar

Yesterday I have shown you my first cover received from Bolivia. Today another first : my first cover received from Qatar !
Here it is.

The postmark from Doha is unfortunately heavy and is impossible to read. But let’s speak about the stamps. The one located on the right is part of a set of six stamps printed se-tenant and issued on the 19th of July 1996 to celebrate the Summer Olympic Games of Atlanta. The stamp pictures the Olympic emblem and the map of Qatar. The other stamps of the set pictures various sport.
Here is a picture of the full set retrieved from Qatar Philatelic Bureau website.

To be noted that Qatar did not win any medal during the Atlanta Olympic games.

The second stamp of the cover was issued on the 20th of July 1998 and belongs to an impressive set of twenty stamps (!) and two souvenir sheets picturing insects. The stamp used on the cover pictures a Labidura riparia whose common name is a Shore earwig and not Shore earwing as written on the stamp (a new example of an error on stamps !).
Earwig is the common name of the insect order Dermaptera which contains ten families and more than 1800 species ! One of their particularity is that the abdomen extends well beyond the wings, and frequently, though not always, ends in a pair of forceps-like structures.
The name, earwig, is derived from Old English “eare” (ear) and wicga (insect). They take their names from old frightening tales according to which they could enter a human brain through the ear. This seems to be only a legend, which is sometimes used in some sci-fi or horror movies.
Here is a picture of the full set of twenty stamps and two souvenir sheets.


MBstamps said...

Hello Eric,

Interesting cover from Qatar, I really thank for the information on the error which you pointed out. You must have carried a research on it.

However, one more thing which I noted is the differences in the Postal address in the letters which you have recvd.

I wonder what is your right Address! (with correct spelling)


Eric said...

Hello Mansoor. Yes there is a typing mistake in my address on this cover from Qatar. The city where I live is Montrouge.