Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beaded stamp !

Singapore post has added its name to the list of postal administrations that have issued innovative stamps : innovative by their design, their printing process or the material used for the stamp. Effectively, on the 8th of April 2008, Singapore post has issued the first beaded stamp! Here is a picture of the souvenir sheet, taken from their website.

What is it exactly ? This is a souvenir sheet in the shape of a pouch where the stamp is beaded : the beads are stuck on the stamp manually ! This consists on a world Premiere according to the information available on the Singapore post website.
This souvenir sheet is part to a set containing the eight following other stamps

This whole set is in fact illustrated with items from the Peranakan Museum Collection. The word Peranakan means 'local born' in Malay. It refers to the Peranakan Chinese as well as other Peranakan communities which developed in South-east Asia. Peranakans are known for the beauty of their crafted furniture, jewellery, embroidery, beadwork, textiles, garments and porcelain. The Peranakan Museum houses the best collection of Peranakan artefacts in the world.

The four first stamps of the set picture details of embroidered items. The four other pictures details of porcelain work.

It gives a very colourful and attractive stamps set. But I wonder if a beaded stamp really answers to the postal need ;-) ? After the scented stamps, the stamps in wood, in metal, in plastic, the embroidered stamps, the moving stamps, now the stamp with beads. What will be next ?

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