Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Russian lorries… and a word about stamps and covers exchange circuits

I have spent some time over the weekend sorting stamps and covers and scanning the most interesting pieces. Among the covers I have recently received, here is one coming from Russia.

The two stamps located on the top belong to a set of three stamps issued on the 25th of October 2007 and picturing Russian trucks. The three stamps have been printed in se-tenant band of three and also in the form of a souvenir sheet.

The two trucks pictured on the cover are (from left to right) :
- The AMO F-15: it was the first truck produced by AMO in the Soviet Union. Its production ran from 1924 until 1931 under the licence of Fiat, the AMO F-15 being a replica of the Fiat F-15. In addition to the standard version, it was produced with different bodies as ambulance trucks (1925), bus with 14 seats (1926) and fire brigade vehicle (1927).
- The GAZ-AA : it is a license version of Ford AA produced by
GAZ between 1932 and 1942. This truck is most famous for being the vehicle used by the Soviets to cross the frozen Lake Ladoga bringing supplies into Leningrad so that the besieged city would not fall into German hands

The last truck pictured on the stamp (not on the cover) is a ZIS-5V from 1942.

Below the trucks stamps, you can see two definitive stamps. One is from 2002 and pictures the Mafino palace. This palace was built between 1837 and 1839 by the architect Mikhail Dormidontovich Bykovsky (1801-1885). This palace contains a staircases with gryphons as the one we see on the stamps.
The second definitive stamp is from 1998 and picture a radio mat.

Inside the cover there were some mint souvenir sheets that I will probably share with you in a future post. I got this cover through one of the various stamps and covers exchange circuits I belong to.
This is interesting to belong to such exchange circuit : it’s an easy (and usually cheap) way to get nice covers and stamps from all over the world. There is only one thing that I regret about them : I would really like that when somebody sends me a cover (or some stamps) he/she includes a letter giving me some background information about the stamps. I do not know any covers exchange circuit that requires from its member that they include philatelic information when sending an item : may be we should create one ? Don’t you think so ?

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