Sunday, April 20, 2008

The life of Buddha on a cover from Nepal

I have had some technical issues week, preventing from updating my blog. I hope they are now solved. I take the opportunity of some free time on this rainy Sunday to share with you a cover I recently got from Nepal. Here it is

As you see the cover is franked with 8 se-tenant stamps. Those stamps belong to a set of 16 stamps issued on the 21st of July 2005. Those 16 stamps have been issued in the form of a small sheet and they all bear the same face value. The particularity of this set is that it contains only four different designs. In fact, the full set contains four bands of four stamps, the only difference between the stamps of two bands being the color of the border. The cover bears the band with yellow and green borders, the other colors of the set being orange and purple.
The four different designs picture four steps in the life of Buddha. I have already written about the life of Buddha in
another post related to a souvenir sheet from India.
From left to right the stamps picture a bas relief illustrating :
- the birth of Buddha, in Lumbini
- the enlightenment of Buddha, in Bodhgaya
- the first sermon of Buddha in Sarnath
- the Mahaparinirvana of Buddha, in Kushinagar
I could not find information about the bas relief itself. Where is it located ? When was it carved ? By whom ? If you have any information about it, I would be happy to get it.

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Prabhat said...


I am a philately enthusiast from Nepal with collections of stamps on Lord Buddha.

The bas relief you are referring to is the tree under which Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddartha Gautam (later known to be Lord Buddha). It is located at Lumbini, Nepal which is the birth place of Lord Buddha.
I do not know the source of images though so can not tell you much about the carvings.