Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Canadian cover from 1933

I recently received this cover as a gift from some friend and I wanted to share it with you. This is not so common for me to share with you such an old cover.

It is a cover sent from Canada in 1933. More than the stamp, this is the postmark which is interesting for me, and this is the reason it was given to me.
But first let’s speak about the stamp. It is a 1 cent definitive stamp issued in 1930 and picturing King George V. As far I could see the 1 cent George V exists in two colours : orange and deep green, the one on the cover. The deep green version also exists in two types (two dies) but I could not yet find out which one it is. I have to check better.
The letter was posted from Crapaud, P.E.I. This is why it is interesting for me, because Crapaud is the French word for Toad ! So it fits into my frog and toad collection !
I must admit that I had no idea what P.E.I was, so I made some research. It stands for Prince Edward Island, that is a Canadian province consisting of an island of the same name, located just off the eastern shore of Canada in the gulf of St. Lawrence. After being a French possession (it was called St. John’s island at this time), and then a British one, P.E.I joined the Canadian confederation on the 1st of July 1873. P.E.I was named after Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent (1767-1820), the fourth son of King George III and father of Queen Victoria.
The main city of P.E.I is Charlottetown, which hosted in 1864 the first conference of the process leading to the Articles of Confederation and the creation of the Canadian state in 1867. This is why P.E.I is sometimes referred as the “Birthplace of confederation”.
Crapaud is a village located in the centre of P.E.I. It was named so in 1842 in reference to a river of toads (Rivière aux Crapauds) located near the village. If somebody knows where I could find more information about the cancel on the cover and the “postal history” of Crapaud, I would be very happy to hear from him/her. Thanks !

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