Friday, March 07, 2008

Japanese cover

Usually when I get a cover, it is franked with recent stamps, issued in the last two or three years. I recently got this cover from Japan, which bears rather old stamps, since they have all be issued in around 1970. Here is the cover.

Let’s speak about the stamps, from left to right.
The first one has been issued on the 5th of December 1968. This is a 1969 New Year stamp, picturing a carved toy cock. It is a part of an annual series of stamps, issued at the end of each year for the new year celebration and picturing a traditional toy. I could not really find when this series started and when it ended. I also read that those stamps were offered, in the form of a sheet of four, to the winner of the National New Year Lottery !
The second stamp has been issued on the 15th of June 1970. It is a part of a set of three stamps issued for EXPO’70, the international expo that was held in Osaka between the 15th of March and the 13th of September 1970. EXPO’70 was the first word’s fair held in Japan, and its theme was “Progress and Harmony for Mankind”. It gathered 70 countries. Among the curiosities that you could see at this exhibition, there was a moon rock brought back to earth by Apollo 11 ! Also a time capsule was sealed at this occasion, with the plan to be opened 5000 years later, in 6970 ! Two other sets of stamps have been issued for this exhibition : one in 1969 and another in 1970. You can find
here a picture of all these stamps.
The last two stamps have been issued on the 20th of April 1979. They picture “standing beauties” of the middle of the Edo period. The Edo period is the early modern period of Japan, running from 1603 until 1868. Those stamps have been issued for the philatelic week. Every year, since 1948 (as far as I could find out), Japan issues a set of stamps for the philatelic week, picturing traditional Japanese artwork.

At the beginning I was quite surprised to get this cover in 2008 franked with old stamps. But finally this was a very good idea, it gave me the opportunity to have a look to stamps issued by Japan at this period !
The week is ending. Next week I should be (once again) in China, in Shanghai. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to update my blog during my trip.


chickenstampy6669 said...

Hello Eric,
You see some more "old" stamps on some covers these day's here. The value of the stamps is sometimes less then the price you paid at the postoffice in that period. Dealers buy at 60-70%of the postoffice price, so it could be better to use it on mail these day's.
Greetings and -told you before- great and nice blog.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Cher Ami francais,
A propos du premier timbre de "japanese triditional toy of cock" dans votre courrier,Je pense que la poste japonaise c'est un des plus ancient poste qui emettent les seires de nouvel an lunaire.(Si je me suis pas trompe,La poste japonaise c'est la premiere poste qui a emis la serie nouvel an avec les 12 animaux).
Au debut c'est pas la seire de 12 animaux (en effet la japon,la coree,la chine,..etc On partage la meme astrologie asiatique,on passe aussi le nouvel an lunaire),selon le wiki il dit que ca vient de l'ancienne chine.
Si je me suis pas trompe,(si vous avez la catalogue du timbre japonais(j'ai oublie la date du sortie)),Vous pouvez voir le premier timbre de ce type est avec image rouge et une petit fille japonaise qui prend un petit lapin.

A partir du ce timbre,La poste japonaise a commence faire une belle serie avec les 12 animaux.
Les jouets avec les forme de 12 animaux astrologie sont des jouet traditionnel de chaque region du japon.Jusqu'ajourd'hui,La poste a deja sorti plusieurs series avec les meme 12 animaux.La chine(PRC) a commence 1980-le singe.La chine commence la 3eme seies.(C'est ca dire nous avons deja sorti les timbres de 2 fois 12 animaux)

La chose interessante est que La poste japonaise emet ces timbres comme loto.Ca a dire il y a une serie de chiffre dans les timbres.Chaque annee comme ca.Une des recompnse soit l'argent,soit Televison,soit un mini-bloc avec le meme type etc.

J'espere que vous comprenez ce que je vous explique.
(Peut-etre j'explique mal??)

Un collectionneur chinois

cees said...
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