Thursday, March 06, 2008

You know what ? I'm happy

I guess you recognize this quote, don’t you ? Yes this is the famous quote from Droopy who is the subject of a cover I just received from Eric. Thank you very much Eric.

Last weekend, was held the annual stamp feast (La fête du timbre) held by French post. As each time, this stamp feast is the occasion for the French post to issue a set of stamps, usually targeted towards the youngsters. Last year, the subject was Harry Potter. This year, the French postal administration has chosen Tex Avery and his cartoon characters as the heroes of the feast.

The set of stamps issued at this occasion contains three stamps, that you can see on the cover, as a band of three se tenant. The one in the middle pictures the famous Droopy, also known as Droopy Poodle, a very famous dog created by Tex Avery (1908-1980). The first appearance of Droopy was in 1943 in a cartoon entitled “Dumb-hounded”. At this time he was not yet called Droopy. He got this name on the 1949 in the cartoon “Senor Droopy”. He is characterized by a rather slow motion, an incredible strength (compared to his small size) and a very monotone voice. The last time he appeared in a cartoon from Tex Avery, it was in 1958.

The two other stamps picture other characters from Tex Avery, that sometimes appeared in the same cartoons than Droopy. On the right this is Red, the sexy version of Red Hot Riding Hood. Tex Avery has transformed the little girl of the fairy tale into a very hot and sexy cabaret singer. On the left, the stamp pictures a wolf (he does not have any special name, he is sometimes simply called Wolf). He is a big fan of Red : his reaction when he first sees her in a cartoon is always impressive : his eyes get out of their orbits, his tongue falls on the floor.. I guess you saw that already!
This issue also contains a souvenir sheet, that you can see on the left part of the cover. Here is a close up of the souvenir sheet.

This souvenir sheet has a particularity. The stamp contains a blue bubble which is printed with a special ink that is sensible to the heat. Below the blue bubble it is written “Frottez ici” (Rub here). If you rub the bubble with your finger, the ink will react and you will see the famous quote of Droopy (You know what ? I’m happy”) appear in white letters. And as we are in France and as the law makes it mandatory to translate everything, the French translation also appears in white letters (Vous savez quoi ? je suis heureux). This is not the first stamp using this specific technique, I have already shown such stamps in my blog. But this is the first one issued by France.

I let you admire the very nice cancel. This cancel picturing Droopy was used in all the cities participating to the stamp feast. Here it is the one from Lyon.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Mon ami francais,
J'ai la chance d'aller voir la fete du timbre francais le samedi dernier.C'est magnifique.
Personnllement j'ai prefere les sujet de bd comme Schtroumpfs et bababa etc.
(Quand j'etais petit en chine j'ai deja vu sur tele et livre)
Les timbres et blocs,les enveloppes sont tres jolies.
Mais si on pourrait faire les tampons normal et les label "prioritaire",Ca cera plus professionel.Moi je fais comme ca.Mais bien sur chacun son gout.
Si vous avez quelque chose a me dire


un colletionneur chinois

vive la fete du timbre!
Vive la poste!
Vive la france!
Vive les sous! 8-P

Anonymous said...

J'ai encore une question a vous demander
Est-ce que c'est une enveloppe circuilee ou non??

Il me semble qu'il n'y a pas les code de machine(les code orange)??