Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First cover from Venezuela

After the Easter long weekend, I have only time for a quick post. I’m glad to show you the first cover I got from Venezuela.

As you see the cover is stamped with four large stamps. They belong to a set of ten stamps issued in 2006 in the form of a stamp sheet. I did not find the exact date of issue and I could not find a scan of the full sheet to show you the six other stamps, sorry for that. The subject of this issue is the Metro of Caracas.
The Metro of Caracas has opened in 1983. It is run by the Compañía Anónima Metro de Caracas, a governmental company. Until last year it contained three lines (Line 1,2 and 3) but line 4 has been officially inaugurated in 2007. The large red M printed on each stamp is the emblem the Metro. From left to right, the stamps picture the following.
- The tunnel of the Line 4, the newest line opened in 2007
- The station Caño Amarillo, located on line 1
- The station Plaza Venezuela which is a connection between line 1, 3 and 4
- The trains at the parking of the station Propatria, the starting point of line 1
The postmark, not very easy to see on the scan, is very interesting. It is oval and rather large.
I must admit that I did not know anything about stamps issued by Venezuela and I had quite a tough time to gather the few information I give you here. The website of Venezuelan post does not give any information about stamps, as far as I could see, and Venezuela does not seem to be involved in the WNS system...

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