Monday, February 11, 2008


As I have written here on my blog, several weeks ago, I have been to Shanghai for a professional trip. This trip was short so I could not find the time to do what I had planned : to find the General Post Office of Shanghai and see if I could buy stamps. But I still was able to purchase some stamps, when leaving. At the airport, I could purchase a very nice stamped book dedicated to Shanghai : this very luxurious book includes all stamps issued by China and picturing something related to Shanghai. I think it is a very good idea ! I could not scan the cover of the book because it is much too big. But I selected a souvenir sheet from it to share it with you.

This souvenir sheet has been issued, together with six stamps, on the 21st of September 1996. The souvenir sheet pictures the towers and buildings of Pudong, as seen from the Bund. Pudong is a district of Shanghai that, since its development that has started in 1990, has emerged as the China’s financial and commercial hub. The river that you see on the souvenir sheet is the Huangpu river, from where Pudong takes its name (Pudong meaning East of (Huang)pu). In Pudong you can find the Shanghai Stock Exchange and a set of impressive towers, that are illuminated during the nights, giving a fantastic view when you walk on the Bund, the road located on the verge of Huangpu river.
One of this tower, that we clearly see on the stamp (the one with the big spheres), is the Oriental Pearl Tower. This is a TV tower. Its construction started in 1991 and was completed in 1995. It is 468m high, and features eleven spheres, big and small. The tower has three observatory levels and a revolving restaurant.
This very specific tower is often shown as a symbol of Shanghai in movies: you may have seen this tower in Fantastic four (Rise of the Silver Surfer) where it is shown twice : once when the Fantastic four try to catch Dr. Doom and once when the Human Torch pushes Dr.Doom into the Huangpu river ! The tower also appears in Mission Impossible III and in Godzilla – Final wars.

This stamped book dedicated to Shanghai made me feel like starting a collection about stamps picturing Paris, or related to the history of Paris. If I find the time (and the money ;-) ) may be I’ll start this new collection.

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Anonymous said...

Bienvenu a Shanghai.Moi je suis shanghaian et aussi le collectionneur de timbre mais ce bloc-la c'est la honte de la poste et nous les habitants de Shanghai.Il est vraiment mal a designer et a imprimer,bien que c'est la facon de type timbre grave. De tout facon moi je n'aime pas.C'est un bloc degoutant.
I don't like this sheet anyway.
Frank to speek this year or last year chinese post really issued some very beautiful stamps.But you haven't found the correct chinese fellow to exchange the stamps or covers
So c'est bien dommage!!
(C'est pas mon blog)
C'est quelqu'un je connais pas
Mais son blog est pas mal
un peu professionel sur les covers

Je te donne un blog sur les emissions chinoises.Peut-etre ca peut vous aider un peu


Mon ami

NB: J'espere que ca vous deprime pas trops sur les timbres chinois meme je suis un chinois