Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sent without address !

Who would be stupid enough to post a letter without any address ? you may think. Well… me ;-). But I didn’t do it on purpose, it was an accident. Here is the story. As I explained in a previous articles, I have attended to the first day ceremony of the artistic booklet from France. For this, I had prepared several covers to be sent to some of my friends, philatelic contacts and blog readers. As I’m a lazy guy, I had prepared some printed labels with the address, instead of writing the address manually. Unfortunately, somewhere between the desk of the postal clerk who cancelled the stamps, and the mail sorting centre, one of the label dropped, leaving the envelope without recipient’s address. Hopefully, I had put my address on the back of the cover so the letter was sent back to me, with a huge red mark on it. Here it is.

The red mark is a bit hard to read because the rubber stamp has moved while it was applied on the cover. It lists, both in French and in English the various reasons why the letter could not be distributed to its recipient. Here is a transcription of what is written on the red mark:


Non réclamé

Adresse inexistante
No such address
(This is the choice which is selected)

Adresse incomplete
Address incomplete
(NB that I would have written Incomplete address…)

Parti sans laisser d’adresse
Moved without address

XXXX (I can not read the French part)
No such post office

Refusé par le destinataire
Refused by addressee


I do not remember to whom this letter was sent. But at least I got an interesting cover for my collection ;-).

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