Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gastronomy on stamps

Thanks to Benedikt, I got this very nice cover from Iceland that I wanted to share with you.
It is franked with the two stamps issued on the 26th of May 2005 for the Europa issue. In 2005 the theme for the Europa issue was Gastronomy, so Iceland had the idea to issue two circular stamps, shaped as plates of food stuffed with traditional meat and fish Icelandic dishes. I think the result is very nice, I really like them. Those stamps were also issued in booklets. Here are the covers of the two booklets that have been produced.

Just for the record, I would like to show you the stamp issued by France for this gastronomy issue. Personally I think it is ugly. Which is really hard to understand, for a country which considers itself as the nation of gastronomy. I think this subject deserved a nicer stamp !

Back to the cover from Benedikt I would like also to mention the very clean postmark, as on all covers I got so far from this country. It is worth mentioning it.


Anonymous said...

Mon cher ami,
Je pense que ce timbre francais de la gastronomie est vue comme un l'apero.Car premierement ce timbre est justement pour le sujet de L'europa,c'est a dire que le sujet de cette annee est "lettre",peut-etre l'annee prochiane ce sera l'autre chose differente(plustot dans le niveau de competition).et puis je pense que votre gastronomie francaise est tres riche et differente.(C'est a dire chaque region francaise a la gastronomie differente,ex le midi a la facon provencale,il y a des fruit de la mer.
il y a des culture de fromage etc,dans l'alsace il y a des chouchroutte...en bretagne il y a des crepes.vous avez aussi la culture de vins etc desole je suis pas un francais,donc je sais pas de grande chose).
Mais je pense que les serie de portrait de la region ont deja fait certains complementations.Il deja presente pas mal de cultrue de chaque region(dedans il y a la gastronomie).
Vous avez raison aussi.J'espere que votre poste emettra une serie de la gastronomie un jour.
J'ai une question dingue.(Pourquoi les timbres normaux sont toujours mariane).Si possible on ajoute les autre serie(ex la gastronomie)??
Je pense ca sera plus amusant...
A votre avis??

Un collectionneur chinois

Eric from Jura said...

Hi Eric,
I agree with you, these EUROPA icelandic stamps are very special and original towards the French one...
Fyi, this Icelandic issue was chosen as the most beautiful 2005 EUROPA stamp !!
always a great pleasure to read you :-)
Regards Eric