Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First cover from Mexico

Sometimes, buying stamps on Ebay brings you some good surprise. I know that sometimes it also brings bad surprise, but today I would like to be positive. I have recently bid on a set of frog stamps from Mexico. Stamps that I’m looking for since two years, that are not really expensive, but still hard to find. The seller was located in Mexico, so when he sent me the stamps, I had the surprise to receive a nice registered cover franked with nice stamps. The first cover from Mexico in my collection !

As you see on the cover, the registration fee is fully covered by the stamps : the label stuck by the postal clerk on the left side bears a face value of 0. The label is here only a proof of when and where the registered cover was posted. Now let’s speak about the stamps.
The two identical stamps on the top were issued in 2004, on the 11th of August to be exact. They celebrate the 100th anniversary of the FIFA, the international federation of football association, an event that has been celebrated on stamps by a lot of countries in the world.
The large stamp located below gave me some hard time to find some background information. Because I do not speak Spanish, the Mexican post website did not help me so much. But here is what I could gather. This stamp belongs to a set of five stamps printed se-tenant, issued on the 5th of September 2007, and celebrating the centenary of Torreon, a city of the Caohuila area. Here is a picture of the full set, sorry it is rather small but this is all what I could find.

The first stamp, the one on the cover, pictures the advent of railroad to the city of Torreon. The other stamps picture various places form the city : the Church of Guadeloupe, the theatre "Isauro Martinez", the Christ of the Noas and a monument of Torreon that I could not clearly identify.
The two last stamps of the cover are issued from a sheet of fifteen stamps issued on the 11th of October 2007. Here is a picture (again, a bit small) of the full sheet.

It commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Francisco Gabilondo Soler (1907-1990) a Mexican composer and performer of children’s songs. The characters of his songs were small animals, as illustrated on the souvenir sheet. One of his most famous character was Cri-cri, a cricket. Francisco Gabilondo Soler even recorded his songs under the same of Cri-cri El Grillito Cantor (Cri-cri the little singing cricket).

One last point to mention on the cover is the nice rectangular postmark !

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