Monday, February 25, 2008

Ancient toys

I really hope that this week will be less busy and disturbed than the last two weeks, I did not have much time to think about stamps…
For today I have selected a cover I received from Spain, with some interesting stamps and also a very impressive rectangular cancel.

The two stamps on the top belong to a set of ten stamps issued on the 2nd of January 2008 and picture ancient toys that can be found in museum.
The stamp on the left side pictures a wafer container that can be seen in the
Toys Museum of Valencia. The stamp on the right pictures a cruise liner from the Toys Museum of Catalunya de Figueres, a museum that contains more than 4000 items and that was inaugurated in 1982.
The full set has been issued in booklet. Here is a picture of the full booklet (including the cover).

These toys stamps belong to a series started in 2006. I don’t resist to the pleasure to show you the 2006 and 2007 booklets.

The last stamp of the cover if a definitive stamp from the King Juan Carlos series.

I was very impressed by the large and rectangular cancel. It reminds me the cancel that can be seen in some mails from South America, but this is the first time I see such cancel from Spain. I wonder if there is anything special with this cancel. Any idea ?


Anonymous said...

Bonjour mon ami,j'ai rencontre le meme type de tampon une fois comme le votre de L'Espagne.J'ai un peu curieux comme vous,J'aprecise bp de votre passion de philatelie,Bravo!
Votre blog est vraiment magnifique.C'est non seulement les timbres ou enveloppes mais aussi bp de connaissance du monde entier.J'espere que vous pourriez continuer.Vous avez une vue genereuse et bp de humanite
Have fun in stamps

un ami chinois avec la meme passion comme la votre

PS:J'espere que un jour je rentrai en chine,J'aimerai bien echanger les enveloppes avec vous
ou les autre qui partagent la meme passion.


Anonymous said...

J'ai encore une chose oubliee a vous dire?
J'ai crois que les tampons normaux espagnaux sont ronds.(Pas vraiment rond comme les tampons francais,2 cote il y a un autre forme)
Peut-etre je me suis trompe!

a plus