Monday, February 04, 2008

Alpine skiing souvenir sheet from Finland

It seems that the usage of moving images on stamps is becoming a trend that more and more postal administrations are following. Last year I have presented the rugby stamp issued by France and also the lenticular stamps issued by Australia. Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland have also already issued stamps using such techniques. Is there anybody who has a complete list of countries that have issued moving stamps so far ?
Now this is the turn of Finish post. This time it is not only on stamp but a full souvenir sheet that is issued. Here is a scan of the sheet I have received (note that the problem with lenticular stamps is that they are not so easy to scan).

If you want to see the stamps “moving” check on Finish post website where they put an animation of the stamps. The souvenir sheet was issued on the 24th of January 2008 and celebrate Alpine skiing. The overall result is rather impressive. Due to the printing techniques, the stamps and the souvenir sheet is rather thick. It seems this is the first souvenir sheet of this size which is issued mixing the 3D and lenticular techniques.
I wonder if those stamps will be seen very often on mail going through the postal service…


Newyorker said...

As I know, this kind of stamps are total seven
1 New Zealand2004/08/02
2 Netherlands2006/02/09
3 Ireland 2006/09/19
4 Australia 2007/03/06
5 Swiss 2007/05/10
6 France 2007/09/06
7 Finland 2008/01/24

Gem from Calgary said...

Hi ERic,
Just a thankyou for the Year of the Rat FDC , which I received today. It's really nice . Thanks,
Glenn from calgary

Sébastien said...

They may be often on mail: I receive one (the lower right one) on a postcard yesterday. They are for the classic 1st class letter, not 3 huge euros like the French stamp.

The animation created from photographs, it seems to me, is impressive.