Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New year greetings from Russia

This is my last evening in Shanghai, tomorrow I’ll fly back to Paris. Two days and a half is definitely too short for such a long trip… I could find the time to visit and discover the city. Well, on the other hand I’m here for professional reasons..
Anyway, today I wanted to show you a cover I received from Russia, sent by Alexander, the blogger of
Used Covers. Thank you very much for this cover Alexander.

The stamp located on the top right corner is a stamp issued on the 7th of December. This is a “happy new year” stamp. The stamp was also issued in a mini sheet. Here is a picture of it.

The stamp located on the top left corner is… not a stamp ;-) This is what I would call “a stamp holder” (porte timbre in French… If somebody knows the correct name I would be happy to know). This is a piece of paper, illustrated, with a free space when you can put a definitive stamp. My knowledge of the Russian language is so limited, I can not tell you what is written on the stamp holder. It seems to commemorate the 300th anniversary of something but I could not find what. Again if somebody can give me more information about it, I will be happy. I wil post this info in my blog, to share it with all the readers.
Just on the right of this stamp holder, you can see a small stamp picturing a ballerina that belongs to the definitive series issued on the 24th of January 2001. I like this definitive stamp series, it has a simple design, but is very nice.
On the left bottom corner you can see another definitive stamp that I already mentioned in a
previous post.Look also at the very nice postmark. A very festive one.

Additional information (20th of January 2008)

I got some additional information from Alexander regarding the stamp holder shown on the cover. It is in fact an advertisement stam, issued to commemorate the tricentannry of St Petersbourg. Here is the complete sheet from where it is extracted.

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Nemanja said...

This is translation of text on the stamp holder: In upper left corner it is written "Sankt-Peterbug 1703-2003", and in the bottom "300 years in the glory of Russia!", so it probably comemorates anniversary of foundation of this city by Peter the Great (Peter I).
Best regards from Serbia