Monday, January 21, 2008

My first cover from Kenya

On these troubled times you can imagine that I was surprised and happy to get a mail from Kenya. This is the first time that I get a mail from this country ! As for a lot of African countries, finding information about the stamps of this country is not always an easy task, as the Kenyan post office website does not help much. But first, let me show you the cover.

I could not find information about the stamp on the right, picturing a chimpanzee. I suspect that this is a recent issue, may be from 2007, but I could not confirm. The stamp on the left side belongs to a set of four stamps issued on the 4th of May 2006 and picturing fishes of lake Victoria. Here is the complete set.

With 68,800 square kilometres in size, lake Victoria is the largest lake of Africa and the second largest fresh water lake in the world in terms of surface area. It is located on the western part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley and is administrated by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The stamps picture four species of fish that can be found in this lake. Clockwise, the pictured species are :
- Elephant snout fish (Mormyrus kannumeis) : a fish that gets its name from the trunk like mouth that look like the one of an elephant. A particularity of this type of fish is that it emits electrical signals to communicate and to avoid obstacles
- Sudan cat fish (Bagrus docmak) : this is the stamp that you can see on the cover also
- Nile perch (Lates niloticus) : a species that has been introduced in lake Victoria in the 50’s for a scientific experience and which has now a negative impact : its proliferation has triggered the near extinction of several other species. This was the subject of a recent movie
Darwin’s nightmare.
- Redbreast tilapia (Tilapia rendalli)
Note also the very clean postmark from Nairobi !

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