Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Himalayan lakes

(I’m sorry that I did not update my blog in the last days. My flight back from Shanghai was very difficult. I had a lot of difficulties to recover from the jet lag. Hopefully I just had a three days weekend, very relaxing, and now I’m back in good shape.)

During Christmas period I took the time to sort out all the covers I have received in 2007 and I found a few interesting ones that I did not show yet on my blog. This is the case for this one. It comes from India, I received it through one of the cover exchange club that I belong to.

The cover arrived in a rather bad shape. It was torn and creased. It took me some time to get it right. It is franked with a set of five stamps. This set was issued on the 5th of November 2006 and pictures Himalayan lakes. The lakes that are pictured on the stamps are : Roop Kund, Chandra Tal, Tsomo Riri, Sela and Tsangu. The five stamps have been printed se-tenant in block of five, and issued also in the form of a sheet.

I do not know much about this area of the world and about those lakes. I did not find so much information about them anyway, but I think the cover was worth sharing with you.

I would like to take benefit of this post to draw your attention on the fact that I recently added some new links in the list of weblogs listed on the left of this window. Do not hesitate to visit those interesting blogs. And don’t forget to send me the address of yours, if you have one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
First of all wishing you a very Happy New Year....its' a little late as I was in India on holidays (and successfully avoided the internet!!) and came back just yesterday. Secondly I have received the Japanese Maximum Card...so Thanks a ton for the same.

Take care,