Thursday, January 17, 2008

A cover from Cambodia and a call for help

Today I have a problem ! You know that when I show you a cover I like to give information about the stamps that are used on the cover, as much as I can. But with the cover of today I have a problem.
I recently got a letter from Cambodia. This is the first time I get a mail from this country! So here it is.

The stamp is a bit up side down, here is a zoom of the stamp.

I could not find any concrete information about the stamp and what it pictures. I found out that this stamp belongs to a set of five stamps issued in 2007 to commemorate the 40 years of diplomatic relations with Vietnam. But when was it issued exactly ? Is it a joint issue with Vietnam ? What does it picture ? No idea ! I searched on the web in all my usual source of information. The website of Cambodian post did not help, the one from Vietnam does not mention a joint issue with Cambodia… So if anybody has an information about the stamp I will be more than happy to get it. Thanks in advance.
Interestingly this cover was not sent by a philatelic contact or by a stamp collector.

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Hà Trâm said...

I'm Tram from VIetnam, I have a Campuchia friend.
This set didn't issue with Vietnam, only Cambodia.
It was issued in 14 June 2007,the Annis of the establishment VN- cambodia diplomatic Ties.
If you want to see FDC of this. I'll send to your email.