Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cover form Colombia

The list of countries from where I have received covers is increasing : now I can add Colombia in the list. Thank you Camilo for this sending. Here is the cover.

The square stamp, on the left, has been issued on the 6th of December 2007. This is a Christmas stamp, as written on it (NAVIDAD). Here is a zoom of the stamp (my scan being not so good, it’s hard to see the details of the stamps).

The stamp pictures a traditional crèche but adapted to the local standards. The members of the holy family are pictured as peasants dressed in traditional clothing, the Christmas tree is replaced by a coffee tree, the guitar and the fruits complete the Colombian “touch”.

The second stamp, located on the right, is a part of set of twelve stamps issued in 2006. This set is itself a part of a series of stamps, started in 2003, and dedicated to the departments of Colombia. The set which this stamp belongs to, is dedicated to the Boyaca. Boyaca is one of the 32 departments of Colombia. It is sometimes referred as the Land of freedom, because it was the scene of series of battles that led to the independence of Colombia from Spain in the 19th century. The stamp itself pictures the Temple of the Sun, located in Sogamoso. The ancient name of Sogamoso was Suamox, meaning the city of the Sun. In Sogamoso there was a temple dedicated to the Sun god, built by the Muiscas, the original inhabitants of Colombia. In this temple, human sacrifices were held once every 15 years in tribute to the Sun god. This temple has been burnt by the Spanish, and was rebuilt more recently to become a museum. This is this newly built temple that is pictured on the stamp.
The twelve stamps of this set (sorry I could not find a picture of the complete set) have been issued in a small sheet, with illustrated margins, as for all the stamps of the series. In this case the margins are illustrated with pre-Colombian art. In the margin of the stamp on the cover , you can see a golden statue. The postmark looks actually better in reality than on the scan. I don’t know what happened with my scanner. (I think it was disturbed by the high contrast between the dark blue Christmas stamp and the white of the envelope…)

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treskeidecamania said...

Hi eric,
Your blogs is a good venue for exchanging friendship for stamps afficionados around the world. Although i engaged myself in Philately, the ironic thing is I never experience sending covers even locally in the Philippines. Hope if i have time dropping at the post office, I'l sent you my first cover. Kindly email me your address. Thanks for linking my site and il do for you too.