Thursday, January 31, 2008

Artistic booklet from French post

As I mentioned yesterday, last weekend was held the first day ceremony of a new booklet of ten auto-adhesive stamps picturing masterpieces of paintings. Here is the booklet.

From top to bottom and from left to right the stamps picture :
- The birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli
- A detail of “A scene from the life of Saint Francis of Assisi by Giotto di Bondone
- Napoleon crossing through the St Bernard pass by Jacques Louis David
- Seaport at sunset by Claude Gellée (aka Le Lorrain) :
- Virgin and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist by Raphaël
- Girl with a pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer
- The summer by Guiseppe Arcimboldo
- The Joconde by Leonardo da Vinci
- The infant Marie-Marguerite by Diego Velasquez Moneylender and his wife by Quentin Metsys

The bottom of the booklet contains a very nice label picturing a detail of the wedding of Cana by Veronese.
A very nice booklet for people interesting in art on stamps !
Here is the first day cover that I sent to myself. Note the very original square postmark !


msyanwu said...


Andrzej said...

Yes, Fantastic ...
Aha, THX for cover with stamps "Annee du Rat" - merci beaucoup Eric!

Velu said...

Hi Eric.

Dropped by to say that I'm back home and thanks for all the stamps that you sent over. Loved them all!


Anonymous said...

Vous avez vraiment la chance.Pas mal cette enveloppe
Mais un peu bien dommage que si vous pourrez aller a la poste de musee de l'ouvre (je crois qu'il y a une poste au sous sol de musee) pour tamponner les tampon normal et aussi faire quelque cartes maximales. ca sera plus professionel.Je crois que l'on peut acheter des carte postales sur les peintures et puis on fait les cartes maximales.
(Peut-etre vous avez deja fait)