Monday, December 17, 2007

Time for gifts

Christmas is coming and also the time for gifts. Postal administrations are sending gifts to their customers to thank them for their fidelity. Last week, I had the pleasure to get one from Finland, from Canada and from Sweden. The one from Finland is actually a Christmas card, as last year. The recto of the card bears one of the two stamps issued on the 2nd of November by Finish post for Christmas and picturing a Gingerbread mouse (click on the pictures to zoom).

As you can see the stamp is cancelled with a first day postmark, a nice and funny one. I read somewhere that if you rub the stamp with your finger you can smell Cinnamon, but this is not true. I tried and the stamp does not smell anything.
The second stamp issued at the same time for Christmas pictures a straw goat and a mouse and it is put on the other side of the card. This time the stamp is cancelled with the famous Santa Claus cancel that Finish post is using every year.

This is a very simple but nice surprise. Tomorrow I’ll show you the gift I got from Canadian post.

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