Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Time for gifts (2)

As promised yesterday, I would like to show you today the gift I got from the Canadian postal administration. Well, this time it was not really a Christmas gift. It was a gift to thank people who have answered to a survey they have organized few months ago. What is interesting is that I’m not even a customer of Canadian post. I juts happened to register once on their website to get some information about a stamp issue. Then I started to receive their, very interesting, philatelic publication. I answered the survey and now I got a gift. Nice isn’t it ?The gift is in two parts. The first one is a First Day Cover. Here it is.

As you see this is an FDC of a joint issue between Canada and USA. Both stamps have been issued on the 28th of May 2006. As they bear the same design this issue qualifies as a twin issue. The only difference between both stamps (except the denomination) is the size : the USA stamp being smaller than the Canadian one. This issue commemorates the 400th anniversary of the exploration of North America coats by Samuel de Champlain in 1606. For Canada, this stamp is the third in a series honouring 400 years of French settlement on this continent. An interesting anecdote about this stamp is that there are no reliable portraits of Champlain, so they decided to show instead the type of vessel he used during the 1606 expedition. I think the stamp design is rather nice, and the overall FDC is beautiful. The two first day postmarks are really impressive, mainly the one from the USA !

The second part of the gift is a souvenir sheet of stamps from China !

This stamp is a part of a joint stamp issue between China and Canada issued in 2005. This stamp pictures a Cougar. The full issue contains two stamps for each country. The second stamp from China pictures a leopard. I have already show here the stamps from Canada belonging to this issue.
I’m really surprised that the Canadian post offers a Chinese stamp sheet as a gift to their customers…

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