Thursday, December 20, 2007

Print your own stamps !

I have already written about the possibility proposed by some postal administrations to print yourself your own stamps. You subscribe to their service, and then, from the Internet, you can print some labels that are actually valid for postage. Some of the companies that propose such services, also propose to include some pictures or logo in the design of the stamp. This is the case for the American Here is a cover sent by Mr Zhenbang Huang, a reader of my blog, who lives in the USA (Thank you very much for this cover. I will send you soon the stamp you asked me for).

As you see the “stamps” have been customised using drawings of some very famous tourist places : (clockwise) the Taj Mahal, The Pisa tower, The Eiffel tower and the Parthenon. A very nice idea. I don’t know is those designs are “standard” ones proposed by or if they are completely customized ?
As for all these sort of stamps you find on the right side a barcode, that is encoding the information about the validity of the stamp and the face value.
This is the first time I get a cover with stamps coming from, so I’m happy to add it to my collection !

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