Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mail from Pakistan

I recently got a letter from Pakistan. This is not the first one I receive, I think I showed some here on my blog. But this one is a bit more enigmatic for me. I show you only the verso of the cover, since the franking is there. Nothing special on the recto.

The stamp that is put twice on the cover belongs to a set of twelve definitive stamps issued on the 11Th of September 1994 and picturing Mohammed Ali Jinnah (1876-1948), a Muslim politician who is considered as the father of the nation because he has actively taken part to the creation of Pakistan. His portrait has been reused later on another set of definitive stamps. The other stamp was issued on the 14th of November 2000 to celebrate IDEAS 2000 : the International Defense Exhibition And Seminar. The total face value of the stamps is 37 Rs, which seems to be the correct franking (see also the hand written indication on the top of the cover).
The cancel is a bit enigmatic for me. The cover comes from Peshawar. First, there is no indication of the year. The date is just 12th of November, and there is a blank where the year should be. Then it is written FRANCHISE POST OFFICE. What does it mean exactly ? Does it mean that the cover was cancelled in a place (a shop for instance) which has the franchise of being a post office ? Anything else ?
If you have any information about this cancel I would be very happy to hear from you.

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rabia said...

yes they have a franchise from the government. these were more common in the 1990s but are on the decline now. They are all allocated a number which identifies them, here P-046. Not sure why it doesn't have a year - this is not usual.