Monday, December 03, 2007

Cover and stamps from Portugal

Life is full of coincidences. I have spent the weekend in Fontainebleau (a city located in the south of Paris and near a large forest) and as the weather was not so good I have spent some hours reading various philatelic newspapers and browsing the “new issues” sections. My attention was specifically triggered by a stamp and a souvenir sheet from Portugal, and I decided to try to find more information about this issue. Then yesterday, when I came back home, I found a letter from Portugal, sent by Rui, and franked with the stamp I was looking for ! And more, the cover contained a mint copy of the stamp and of the souvenir sheet ! Thank you very much Rui.First here is the cover.

The letter is franked with a standard ATM and a stamp picturing the Portuguese national flag. The stamp was issued on the 5th of October, and belongs to a souvenir sheet named : the symbols of the republic. Here is the sheet.

As you see the souvenir sheet contains five stamps, each of them picturing a different flag : from top to bottom, and from left to right, the flags are :
- the national Portuguese flag
- the flag of the president of the republic
- the flag of Azores
- the flag of the Portuguese assembly of the republic
- the flag of Madeira
The sheet is also marked, on the top, with the emblem of Portugal 2010, an international philatelic exhibition that will be held in Portugal in 2010 ;-) I could not find information about the face that is pictured on the top right corner of the sheet. If somebody could tell me ?
What I found interesting is that the stamp bearing the National flag has also been issued separately. But as you see below, with a different perforation.

The isolated stamp has a cross in the middle of the perforation. This is something that can be found quite often on modern stamps from Portugal. This is quite funny to see that the stamp extracted from the souvenir sheet and the isolated stamp are therefore different ! And obviously Rui has used the one form the souvenir sheet to frank my cover !

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Sam Lopez said...

This post is old, but if you want any help, the face represented on the top of the sheet is the republican symbol.
Represented by a woman figure with that type of hat, it was inspired by the ''Liberty leading the people'' from Eugène Delacroix ( )

It is the symbol of Portuguese republican thinking, adopted since the republican revolution of 1910 took down the monarchy, and therefore is a symbol of our freedom. Hope it helped ;)