Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today I would like to show you two letters that I have received from China, sent by ZHOU Fan (thank you !) and that have a very special characteristics. Here they are.

As you see, they actually are Cécogrammes. Cécogramme is a French word used by UPU to name such mails. This is a letter or a package containing documents sent or received by visually impaired people or by assisting organizations. This type of mail benefits of a franchise in whole or in part in the postal systems of many countries.
Two types of documents are accepted in such mail : embossed documents (e.g. texts written in the Braille alphabet, this is what was inside both covers) and sound documents such as audio books.
Those mails are identified by the word Cécogramme printed on the cover (see the red cancel, in French and Chinese) and by a specific label. The UPU recommends the usage of a label of 52×65 mm, white on a black background, picturing a stylized silhouette of a man seen in profile and walking with a white stick (see the label on the left top corner of the covers).
Depending on its status (registered, or air mail…) a cécogramme may require additional franking as it is the case on the covers I show you here.

The first cover bears a stamp issued for the
2007 Special Olympics World summer games held in Shanghai in October. Check their website if you want to know more about these special games that enable people with mental disabilities to open through sport. This was the first time that this special games were held in Asia, and the second times only that they are held out of the USA. The stamp pictures the emblem of the competition. The logo is shaped like an eye with the figures of two athletes jumping in the pupil, resembling a blooming white magnolia, Shanghai’s city flower.
The second cover bears a stamp issued also in 2007 but that I could not identify yet. If somebody can help. I quite like this stamp, with a black background.


Anonymous said...

The stamp affixed the second cover is released in November with the theme of Chinese calligraphy - Kaishu (regular script or standard script). This stamp shows the masterpiece "Xuanmita Bei" of YAN Zhenqing, one of the greatest calligrapher and patriot of Tang Dynasty (618A.D.—907A.D.)

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