Friday, December 28, 2007

Birds from UK

(This is probably my last post for 2007, so I would like to take advantage of it to wish you a happy new year. I hope 2008 will bring you all what you may desire. Thank you to all of you, for this wonderful philatelic year spent together. And let’s hope 2008 will bring us even more pleasure with stamps and covers !)

If you read regularly my blog you know how much I like fauna stamps. So you can imagin how happy I was when I received this set of stamps from Adrian (thank you so much Adrian ! I know I’m late for sending you some stamps but don’t worry they will come…).

I read regularly in philatelic magazines that British stamp collectors complain about the quality and the high number of stamps issued by Royal Mail. I must admit that I often agree with them when I see the modern issues. But from time to time, there is a set of stamps that seems to break this trend. This is the case of this one, that I really find wonderful. Don’t you think ?
These stamps were issued on the 4th of September 2007 and picture birds from UK that are under a recovery program. Each stamp pictures an endangered bird species, with indication of the number of birds observed in past years and in recent years, to show the progress of this recovery. The birds that are pictured are (from left to right and top to bottom) : White-tailed eagle, Bearded tit, Red kite, Cirl bunting, Marsh harrier, Avocet (which by the way is not a species but a sub-family), Bittern (again a sub-family and not a species), Dartford warbler, Corn crake and Peregrine falcon.
As you see Adrian has sent me the bottom of a sheet, with the “traffic lights” on the right and the indication of the date of issue at the bottom.A very nice set of stamp to finish this year !

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Lovely bird stamps.If you need bird stamps of Asia Let me know.