Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tribute to Greenish post

(Just a quick post for today… so much work… so little time).

I have already shared with you the good experience that I have had with the Greenish post. I recently had, once again, a proof that this postal administration shows respect to stamp collectors. I recently received this cover, containing a letter announcing that the Greenish post will have a booth at the Salon d’Automne, held in Paris early in November.

As you see, the cover is franked with an actual stamp, and is very nicely postmarked. Except from Greenland, Gibraltar and Ireland, I never got any letters from any other postal administrations franked with real stamps. They always use pre-paid postage mark or similar thing. So I was very pleased to see that people at Greenish post take the time to put a stamp on a cover to write to their customers. Nice, isn’t it ?The stamp is one of the two stamps issued early this year to commemorate the International Polar Year. Here is a picture of both stamps, in case you haven’t seen them already.

They have been issued also in a souvenir sheet. The postmark from Tasiilaq is very clean. In case you don’t know, Tasiilaq is the city where is located the philatelic bureau of Greenish post.
I know what you think, this is normal that Greenish post is showing so much respect to their philatelic customers : this is mainly because the philatelic sales probably represent a big part of their income. This is surely true, much more than for the French post, for sure. But still…

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Its' so true (and sad) that very very few postal departments use real stamps for their own post....but yesterday I received some FDCs from the Spainish Post and they had a pre-printed stamp on the cover that they used to send me the FDCs and a very neat postmark from their philately department....something is better than nothing !!