Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The stamp as a link to the internet !

Last week, during the stamp fair held in Paris, I had the opportunity to visit the booth of the Swiss post. I do not know much about stamps issued by Switzerland so I took some time to check the latest issues that were available. I was quite intrigued by one stamp, but unfortunately the lady of the Swiss post was quite busy, so I could not get details about it. Of course, once home, I searched on the internet to find some information and I was quite surprised by what I found.First of all, here is the stamp.

It has been issued on the 31st of October and it is the result of the collaboration between the Swiss post and the Swiss Tourism Office. The pictures is a scenery of the Swiss Alps, nothing really special about it. But what triggered my attention is the right part of the stamp, the logo that looks like cells that you can find in a beehive. I found out that this logo is in fact called a BeeTagg. It is a sort of barcode, that you can “read” with the camera of your mobile phone (of course you need a camera on your mobile phone ;-) and you need to install a specific software on it… a software that you can download for free from a website). Once you have “scanned” the barcode with your mobile, you just need one click and you are re-directed to a specific website. By visiting this website you participate to a draw and you can win some prizes related to skiing. So this barcode is a sort of hyper link, in some way… I guess this is a first ! (and probably the last time, because I do not really see the interest of it).
I did not know about this BeeTagg stuff, I discovered that this is already used on other support than the stamp. You can check is you want to know more.

And to answer the question you probably have in mind ;-) : I did not test the BeeTagg myself, because my mobile is not in the list of mobiles compatible with the software !
Ha, and one precision that may help you understand why I was so intrigued by this stuff : I work in the area of mobile communication, so everything that relates to mobile phones is in my area of interest.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

I'm glad you liked the stamps and pictured the cover I had sent to you from Sindelfingen...Thanks for showing it on your blog.