Thursday, November 08, 2007

Salon d'Automne

Today was the first day of the 61st Salon Philatélique d'Automne, a stamp fair that is held every year in Paris in the first half of November. The stamp fair will run until Sunday. I had decided to take a day off to be able to attend to this first day, and I'd like to tell you about it. The fair opened at 10H00 AM, but, when I arrived at 9H00 there was already more than 15 people waiting in front of the entry ! Why did I go so early, one hour in advance ? It is because I wanted to buy some LISA (the French ATM) issued by the French post for this occasion. I know from experience of the previous years, that on the first day of the issue, this is extremely difficult to get the LISA. You have to queue for hours in front of the machines, because there are a lot of German and Belgium sellers that buy hundreds of LISA (ATM collection is very famous in Germany and Belgium). So if you want to avoid a long wait, the best is to arrive early to make sure you will be among the first ones in front of the machines. This is what I could do, so I was able to buy some. (Rui and George, watch out your mail box, a surprise is coming to you !). Here is the LISA and the associated receipt.

I find it quite attractive this year. It pictures several monuments from Paris, that you surely know, if you have ever been to Paris.
After avoiding the queue for the LISA, I could not escape the queue to purchase some new issues. This stamp fair is also the occasion for the French post to issue one or several new stamps. Usually they issue one new stamp each day of the fair. Today this was the first day of the joint issue between France and Greenland. But I'll speak about this issue more in details in my next post. So I bought some stamps and I queued again to get a First Day Cancel on a rather big number of covers that I had prepared for my philatelic contacts and for some of you, my readers... After queuing for the French stamps and first day cancel I had to queue for the Greenish stamp issue (I wanted to have both parts of the joint issue !). Hopefuly the crowd in front of the Greenish post was not so big.
So at around 11h30, 1h30 after the opening, and 2h30 after my arrival, I could start enjoying the fair full of booths from sellers and also foreign post offices, as the Swiss one, the one from Belgium and many others. I was a bit disapointed because I could not really find any stamps for my frog stamps collection. On the other hand my collection starts to be so big that this is hard to find a stamp that I don't have already. So I bought some covers bearing frog cancels, and also some pre-stamped postcards. I will for sure show them soon on this blog.
I left the fair at 01H00 PM, rather tired (ad hungry ;-) ) but quite happy. There was a lot of people, I think, once again, this fair will be a success.


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