Friday, November 23, 2007

Japanese maximum card

I recently received several covers from Japan through the Asian Cover Collectors Club. I’m still fighting to find information about the stamps that were used on them to be able to share them with you. But in one of the covers, the sender has put this very nice maximum card, as a gift, in order to stiffen the envelope and to avoid that it gets bent.

The design of the card is identical to the one of the stamp. The stamp belongs to a series about modern Japanese art. This specific stamp was issued on the 7th of July 1980. It pictures a painting from Seiho Takeuchi (1864 - 1942), entitled “Dear me… this is a shower”. I could not find information about this painting and also about this strange title.
Seiho Takeuchi was born in Kyoto. He was a key-figure of the Kyoto painting circle of his time. He was considered the last “meijin” (master artist) by his contemporaries. Like many Kyoto artists of his time, he was also involved in textile design in the early years of his professional life. A visit to Europe in 1901 proved decisive for the next stage in the development of his style and themes. His work of this period can best be characterised as a successful fusion of the best of Japanese painting techniques and styles, and Western art. In the second half of his career his main sources of inspiration were China and haiku poetry.
The postmark is also very nice. I guess this is a first day cancel. A large red cancel, as I have seen very often on covers from Japan that I have shown here on my blog.I’m not into maximum card, but I think this one is really nice. If you are interested to get it, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Its' a very beautiful max.cover...thanks for showing it. More so because if you really don't want it I would love to have it.

Thanks again in advance,
Mrs.Kalpana Sharma
Nussweg 39
73760 Ostfildern

Eric said...

Hi Kalpana
Consider it as a deal. I will send you the card in few days.