Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Historic sites of the Yangtze river

I could not update my blog yesterday for reasons that I haven’t understood… Blogger simply refused to upload pictures. Today it seems to be fixed. On Monday I showed the three maximum cards sent by my Chinese pen pal about the Dragon Boat Festival. Today I’d like to show you the cover he used to send them to me.

This is a handmade FDC bearing the four stamps of the sets issued on the 15th of October and picturing historic sites of the Yangtze river. This are contains several archeological and historic sites that are going to be submerged with the completion of the Three Gorges dam. The construction of the huge dam, is highly criticized worldwide. It has started in 1994 and should be completed in 2009. Some of the threatened historic sites are going to be moved to higher places, as it was done for some Egyptian sites in the 60’s, for instance Abu Simbel.

The four stamps of the set picture the following sites : Zhang Fei Temple, Shibaozhai Village, Ancient Dachang Town, Qu Yuan's Temple. I wonder if “Qu Yuan” is the same than the one of the legend linked the dragon boat festival that I mentioned in my post on Monday ? Anybody knows ?
The four stamps are really nice I think, they really pay tribute to the beauty of the sites.

The last stamp, on the far left is a definitive stamp that I already
showed on a cover some months ago.


Anonymous said...

The fourth stamp shows in fact "Qu Yuan Temple", not grave. Here Mr QU Yuan is the same poet as the one of the legend of the origin of Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwu festival.

Eric said...

Thank you very much for your comment. I have corrected my post. Thanks.