Friday, November 09, 2007

France-Greenland Joint stamp issue

As I announced yesterday I would like to speak about the joint issue between France and Greenland. As a spin off of the international polar year, both countries have issued a common issue to pay tribute to famous French explorers who have traveled to Greenland.The French part of this joint issue is a pair of se-tenant stamps celebrating Jean-Baptiste Charcot (1867-1936).

The stamp on the left is a portrait of Charcot and bears the face value of 0.54€ which is rate of a standard letter (below 20g) for France. The stamp on the right pictures the Pourquoi-Pas (“why not”), probably his most famous boat. The face value is 0.60€, the rate for a letter to European countries. Jean-Baptiste Charcot is very famous for his expeditions in the Polar regions, including Greenland.
The issue of the Greenish post is a souvenir sheet of two stamps and one label.

The label is the same portrait of Charcot as on the French stamp. The stamp picturing the Pourquoi-pas is also reused. But the second stamp pictures a portrait of Paul-Emile Victor (1907-1995) another very famous French explorer who devoted his life to polar region. The stamps are also sold separately.
As very often, for joint issues, the French post has issued a presentation pack containing two pairs of French stamps and two copies of the Greenish stamps. Here is the cover of the pack.

Those stamps and souvenir sheet are very nice I think. This is not surprising since they have been designed by Martin Mörck, a famous stamp designer and engraver that I have already mentioned here.

As I said yesterday, the first day ceremony of these stamps was held during the Salon D’automne. For the occasion, Martin Mörck was present to give autographs. I was able to get his signature on a First day cover of the Greenish issue. Here is it. I was thrilled. This is the first time I get a signature of a stamp designer.

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Adrian said...

Lucky you, Eric, to get Martin's signature! I would treasure that, if I were you! Beautiful stamps, thanks for showing them!