Friday, November 16, 2007

Cover from Italy

(A quick post for today. My daily life is currently disturbed by severe strikes in public transports in France, so I haven’t much time to update my blog)

I haven’t received so many mails from Italy so far so I was quite happy when I got this one from Pierliugi. Thank you very much Pierliugi.

The large stamp has been issued on the 9th of June 2007 (the cover is in fact a FDC of this stamp). It pictures the Chianca dolmen. The Chianca dolmen is one of the largest dolmen of Europe. It is located near the city of Bisceglie. It was discovered in August 1909. The research was continued in 1910. This dolmen has a broad corridor and is composed of a funeral part and an access passage. It is 1,80m high and the cover stone measures 2,40mx3,80 ! A huge dolmen and a very nice stamp ! The nice first day cancel reuses the design of the dolmen.
The second stamp belongs the definitive series “Women in Art” (Donne dell’arte) , started in 1998 with stamps bearing a face value in Lira. In 1999 the stamps of this series were issued with a double face value Lira/Euro and after 2000 they were all denominated in Euro. The series seems to have ended in 2004. This is a very nice series that pictures portrait of women. The stamp of the cover was issued in 2002 (I think it reuses the same design as one used on a stamp in Lira in 1998 but I’m not completely sure). It pictures the portrait of an Etruscan woman named Velia Spurinna. I could not find a scan of the complete series, but if I find one I’ll show it here, because this is really a very nice series.

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