Thursday, October 11, 2007

Virginia Woolf

I recently received this cover from Romania.

Apart from the fact that the sender used an old commemorative envelop (commemorating the 7th walk race of postal clerks from Balkans (yes !) as written in French on the cover) and apart from the fact that the cover came open (it had been cut open, hopefully without damaging the stamp and the content), I noticed the stamp that I found rather nice. I found it quite different from the usual stamps I’m used to see on cover from Romania. And I immediately wondered why Virginia Woolf would be pictured on the Romanian stamp ? So I checked on the Internet and I found that this stamp belongs to a set of four issued in January this year to commemorate “anniversaries of personalities” (sic). Here is the complete set of stamps.

The four personalities that are pictured on the stamps are :

- Gustav Eiffel (1832-1923), the famous French engineer who is mainly known for his construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (part of the tower is also pictured on the stamp), and the metallic structure of the Liberty Statue from New York. I guess the stamp commemorates the 175th anniversary of his birth.
- Maria Cuţarida - Crătunescu (1857-1919), who was the first medicine woman from Romania. She studied medicine in France where she obtained her doctor’s degree. She acted a lot to help disfavoured children and By her convictions and actions dedicated to women’s emancipation, she was regarded as an important feminist militant. This is the 150th anniversary of her birth that is celebrated by the stamp.
- Nicolae Titulescu (1882-1941) who was a famous Romanian politician and diplomat. He carried out an intense diplomatic activity to strengthen the territorial security and integrity of Romania. He was dismissed from the Government by King Carol I and emigrated to France, where he also died.
- Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), the British writer. Here this is the 125th anniversary of her birth that is celebrated
It did not really help me to understand why Virginia Woolf and Gustav Eiffel were chosen to appear on a Romanian stamp, even they are very famous. I understand better for the two other personalities, since they are Romanian.

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